Monday, October 21, 2013

Leaf peeping, living, and loving it!

First of all - we are SO behind with this blog and we apologize for that. School and work keep us busy but we will try to get into the habit of writing so that we don't leave the blog high and dry.

It's officially fall here in Hanover! The leaves have fallen off about 70% of the trees which leaves purple, red, yellow, and green beautiful hillsides. Driving anywhere here gives a great view of all the autumn beauty, whether it's across the river to Vermont or just a mile away to the Co-op. The kids at the childcare center enjoy throwing the dead leaves up in the air, or they did enjoy throwing the leaves until we teachers found a tick and put a kibosh on that.

Travis is busy with assignments, projects, classes, and a TA-ship. He is enjoying his classes, and is especially enjoying being a grad TA. Here's a guy who loves his academics! He is also making time to continue learning how to play the guitar, which I enjoy as well because I get free concerts from the couch. He's a hard worker and a constant inspiration to me as I see him pursuing the things that he is passionate about - God, academics, music, and endless learning.

I'm not quite as busy with extracurriculars, but working at the childcare center takes enough energy on its own. I love working with the kids and I still feel so fortunate to have been hired at the center. I have been trying to work in some Spanish vocabulary at school here and there, and when Travis and I try Spanish conversation sometimes, it just feels so good to be speaking that beautiful language. Linguistics is also [always] on my mind, so look out for an amateur article that I am currently attempting to research!

The foliage provides excellent opportunity for wannabe photographers, so I thought I would share some pictures from our backyard to make up for this brief and tardy entry:

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  1. great update.. great leaf photos.. watch out for ticks!!